Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whoa- how time flies

I cannot believe I have abandoned this blog for so long- Feb 2008 was the last entry. My life has taken an unbelievable, incredibly awesome 360 degree turn from then!

Most importantly- and most expensively, we have moved to a townhouse in Hartland- a charming little village - a place I always wanted to live. How awesome is that! We have a three level townhouse in a charming little expanse of townhouses in a large subdivision that boasts condos, apartments, townhouses and single family homes. But the best part of all is the overwhelming abundance of trails, sidewalks , parks and lakes within a very short drive- most within a decent walk!

Second most expensive on the new list is my new puppy Jazz. That is her picture on the front there. We are currently taking classes in Agility and K9 disc and having a blast!! Today I was visiting one of our favorite "parks". For awhile I was working with my puppy on focus issues and mostly trying to break her of the habit of chasing birds. It went pretty well. She did take off after a Robin, but promptly turnd around and came back when Id told her to "leave it" We both were taken back when we came around the corner of the building and saw what looked like a coyote standing under a tree. A second look assured me that it was a life size cutout of a coyote. Interesting?!

I feel blessed to be able to make these choices, especially in these hard times! And I am eternally grateful for these opportunities to have some of my dreams come true. With gratitue and faith I look forward to reaching them all!

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