Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Little Whimsy

Hissing kitty

The big fat hissing Kitty
growled long and low
"Watch out there
silly doggy
or I'll get
your nosey nose".

But Doggy didn’t listen
to what Kitty hissed and spat.
Pawing at him,
picking at
the big fat
spitting cat.

Finally fat Kitty sneared
"You’ve pushed me much too far-"
Lashing out
with razor claws
gave Doggie's nose
a brand new scar.



Anonymous said...

i like that one a lot better than any of the other posts u posted
that is a true story lol cept our catz have no nails which is a good thing cuz they have smacked her lots of times!!

Cindy said...

That poem shows equisiteness! How ever do you come up with these. I wish i had the gift and intelligence needed to construct a well organized poem such as that!!
Good Luck with future poetry,