Sunday, July 15, 2007

Returning from Kuwait

My son has returned to the states today after 12 months in Kuwait doing convoy escort in Iraq. This was from earlier when he was still overseas:

A Whisper from Wisconsin

What to write-
A prayer for my son over seas?
An ode to exhaustion, apprehension?
A stanza of fear, anger, rage?

Or perhaps the quiet of the night
Waking from frightful dreams
Unable to rest my head again.

What can I say
That a million other mothers
haven’t said, felt, cried?

But this is MY son
And the tears fall, fears grow
My heart seems to be on hold.

So I pray
Go on living day to day
Like a million other moms .

- Dawn


Anonymous said...

very nice
i like it!

dmm said...

Thank you!