Wednesday, August 8, 2007



The brilliant Peacocks fate is sealed
sprightly winds carry feathers afield
coloring each a different shade-
that which the Peacock's tear drops bade.
Singularily bright
coming together in Peacocks delight.


The dance began in truest form:
A waltz perhaps
in quarter time-
maybe a foxtrot
light and quick?

But daylight shows where truth does lie-
For certain, the tango flew right by.

The Journey
spits, spurts
Coaxing the flame to life.
The wind
Bursts into a roaring tango.
The embers
hot, glowing
Comforts this weary traveler.

Saying Goodbye

isn't easy
even when it is necessary
or inevitable
or someone pulls the rug out
from under your heart.

Saying goodbye
isn't easy.

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